Q: What is Action Bowling?
A: Action Bowling is a way for league bowlers to use verified league scores to compete in bowling contests for huge cash payouts using our mobile app.
Q: Is playing on Action Bowling legal?
A: Sports Challenge Network, Inc. is a US-based skill game company, and our contests are currently only legal and operational under US law. Residents of Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, and Michigan are not able to participate in our contests due to state-specific regulations against cash prize awards. We require our users to be 18 years of age or older to participate in Action Bowling. We take the legal status of our contests very seriously. If you have any questions related to this topic, please email us at support@scnsports.com for more info.
Q: Why should I choose Action Bowling?
A: SCN Action Bowling is the ONLY product of its kind in the world and will give bowlers the chance to win big money for small buy-in contests. It's simple to sign up and participate and contests are available every day. Participate in SCN Action Bowling and be a part of the bowling revolution. Take your shot and make your mark!
Q: Who can play?
A: Any league bowler 18 years or older whose league uploads to LeagueSecretary.com, bowl.com, or who bowls at a Partner Center. Residents of AK, AZ, DE and MI are not eligible to win cash prizes at this time.


Q: I'm a former Virtual Tournaments user. How to I become an Action Bowler and/or claim my VT funds?
A: If you used to participate on Virtual Tournaments and/or you would like to transfer your funds to SCN, please contact support@scnsports.com for assistance. Once a transfer is requested, you should have access to your funds in approximately 1 business day.


Q: How do I create an account?
A: Download the app, if you haven't already, and tap on the “Action Bowling” tab on your iPhone or select the Action Bowling menu item on your Android device. Once you're there, enter the requested information and you're ready to Roll(tech).
Q: How do I find my username?
A: Your username is listed at the top, right hand side of the Action Bowling tab and is made up of your first name and last initial.
Q: Can I change my username?
A: We do not currently offer the ability to change your username. We want to foster an environment of trust and transparency. In a real bowling tournament, you would know the name of the person you're bowling against, and we feel that's important.
Q: Why do I have to confirm my account?
A: You are required to confirm your account before making a deposit with Action Bowling. We confirm everyone's identity in order to prevent fraud and protect your money.
Q: How do I confirm my account?
A: You can confirm your account under My Account from the Action Bowling menu. Make sure you use the same address as what's listed on your license. If you have trouble, please contact support@scnsports.com.
Q: How do I reset my password?
A: Resetting your password is as easy as tapping the “Reset Password” link in the Action Bowling app. You'll receive an email with a link to reset your password. Click on the link in the email and choose a new password.
Q: How can I delete my account?
A: Please contact us at support@scnsports.com.


Q: What can I use to deposit?
A: SCN Action Bowling accepts deposits from Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit or debit cards.
Q: What is my deposit limit?
A: We currently allow deposits of up to $1,000 per day.
Q: How can I increase my deposit limit?
A: SCN does not currently allow deposit limits to be increased.
Q: How do I withdraw my winnings?
A: Withdrawal is an available option on your My Account page. We think withdrawals should be as fast and easy. As soon as we have processed your request, you will receive email confirmation. After SCN has processed the user's request for withdrawal, credit card accounts can take up to 7 - 10 business days to process.
Q: What is your withdrawal policy?
A: WIthdrawals can be made at any time (with the exception of deposit bonuses, which may have certain restrictions). The minimum withdrawal amount is $20. The way that withdrawals are processed is that the amount you withdraw will first return to the original deposit source dating back in chronological order. Then, any additional amount will be returned via a physical check (up to 2 weeks). For example, you deposit $50 from a Visa card. With that $50 you enter a contest and win another $25. When you withdraw the full $75, $50 of it will go back to that same Visa while the other $25 will go back to either a PayPal account or as a physical check.
Q: How long do withdrawals take?
A: SCN Action bowling withdrawals can take 7 - 10 business days to process. Checks can take up to 2 weeks to arrive.
Q: How does the deposit bonus work?
A: Deposit bonus is offered to users upon first deposit and via special promotional offers. Bonuses are earned gradually after you enter and complete Action Bowling contests. As you play and earn the bonus, the cash you earn is released automatically into your account, reflected in your account balance, and made available for play or withdrawal under the same terms as all funds in your account. Your remaining deposit bonus available to be earned is shown in your account menu as 'Pending Bonus' and in your My Account area.
Q: How fast does the deposit bonus become real cash?
A: We gradually release bonuses to prevent fraud and discourage multi-accounting. Deposit bonus is released as real cash at a rate of 4% of the entry fee of the contest you enter. For example, if you enter a $10 contest, $.40 of the deposit bonus will be released into your account. Users collect deposit bonus upon settlement of the contest entered. If a contest or entry is canceled, your entry fee will be refunded and no bonuses will be earned.
Q: Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?
A: You do have to pay taxes on your cumulative net profit from SCN Action Bowling. SCN is required to issue 1099 tax form(s) to any player who has a cumulative net profit in excess of $600 for the calendar year. This is calculated by the approximate value as ((prizes won - entry fees)+bonuses).
Q: I'm having problems depositing money into my account, what can I do?
A: Please contact us at support@scnsports.com.


Q: Where can I see contests I've entered?
A: The “My Contests” tab is your place to go to see a list of the contests that you've entered.
Q: Who do I play against?
A: You play against other SCN Action Bowlers who are bowling league during the duration of the contest at SCN Partners Centers across the country, or bowlers whose league data is uploaded to LeagueSecretary.com or bowl.com.
Q: What happens if all the spots are not filled in a contest?
A: Currently, SCN Action Bowling contests and prize pool are guaranteed (known as “GPP” contests, for guaranteed prize pool), regardless of the number of entrants. If fewer than the maximum number of entrants are in a contests, you've entered a contest with “overlay”, meaning your odds of winning have automatically gone up! New styles and formats of contests will be added that run once filled, so keep an eye out. SCN reserves the right to cancel contests at our discretion, without any restrictions.
Q: Can I withdraw an entry from a contest?
A: Yes, you can withdraw from any contest until the contest has started (all contests begin at 9:00 a.m. EST on the first day of the event). Once a contest has started, SCN Action Bowling will no longer allow withdrawals from the event.
Q: What happens if a real-life league is canceled/delayed/postponed?
A: If your league is cancelled/delayed/postponed before the SCN Action Bowling event that you are entered in begins, you can simply withdraw from that event before 9:00 a.m. EST on the day the event starts.


Q: What browsers are supported by Action Bowling?
A: Action Bowling can be used on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not supported.


Q: How do I enter contests?
A: You can register for Action Bowling contests from the Lobby. You must register for all contests and brackets prior to your league start time.
Q: How do I know when to bowl?
A: When entering a contest, you must also choose which day you are going to bowl for each contest. All score submissions must match your selected bowl date. If something causes you to miss your selected bowl date, you must notify us at support@scnsports.com prior to your league start time so that we can make an adjustment.
Q: Can I enter a contest multiple times?
A: Some Action Bowling contests allow for multiple entries. These are labeled "Rebuy". Only your highest entry will count, and you can only be paid once per contest. You may also use one set of scores in multiple contests.
Q: How are winners determined in Action Bowling contests?
A: For scratch contests, winners are determined by total pinfall of first 3 games. For handicap contests, winners are determined by total pinfall plus your handicap. SCN uses a 90% of 230 handicapping structure.
Q: What happens if there’s a tie?
A: If there is a tie at the end of the contest, all bowlers tied for that position will evenly split the related prize pool. For example, if two users tie for 1st place, and 1st place pays $30 and 2nd place pays $20, we will combine the places then split that among the tied parties. Each bowler would receive $25.
Q: How are scores verified?
A: In order for us to verify scores, you are required to capture a photo of your entire league recap sheet with all sections clearly listed. Your average must be displayed. If the photo is unclear or missing information, you will be subject to additional verification and could be disqualified from the contest. SCN utilizes several layers of score certification to verify the accuracy of your score and reserves the right to disqualify any submissions that cannot be verified.
Q: How long does it take for my scores to be verified?
A: All scores are verified within 5 business days of the contest end date, unless additional verification is necessary.
Q: What if there’s an error with my score submission?
A: If you notice an error, please contact support@scnsports.com immediately. All score disputes must be brought to our attention by the end of the grace period for that contest.
Q: How do divisional contests work?
A: Divisional contests are for bowlers who bowl under a specified average. You may of course enter a higher average division if you are a lower average bowler (e.g. if you are a 178 bowler, you may enter the 209 division). You must have a minimum of 9 games in your league to establish a certified Action Bowling average. During score submission, you must take a photo of the entire league recap sheet with ALL sections clearly listed. If the photo is unclear or missing information, you will be subject to additional verification and could be disqualified from the contest.
Q: What happens if I am not able to bowl?
A: If something causes you to miss your selected bowl date, you must notify us prior to your league start time so that we can make an adjustment. Please email support@scnsports.com for assistance.
Q: What happens if I get injured or have to leave early?
A: In the event of an injury or extenuating circumstance that prevents you from completing your games, any absentee game will be marked as 0 and any incomplete game will be submitted with your current pinfall.


Q: What is my handicap?
A: Most amateur bowling leagues and tournaments utilize a bowling handicap system. Your bowling handicap allows you to compete against other bowlers with varying levels of skill and ability with a better chance of being competitive. A bowling handicap is a percentage of the difference between your average and a basis average. Subtract your average score from the basis score and multiply the result by the percentage factor to calculate your bowling handicap. The basis score is 230 and the percentage factor is 90 percent. If your average is 147, you have (230-147) X 0.90 = 74.7. Again, drop the fraction. Your handicap in this example is 74 pins per game. Add the handicap to your actual score for each game. For instance, if you have a game in which you score 160 and your handicap is 74, your adjusted score is 234.
Q: What handicap structure does SCN use for Action Bowling?
A: SCN uses a 90% of 230 handicapping structure.
Q: How is my handicap determined?
A: The average used for Action Bowling needs to be pre-printed on your league recap sheet or league standing sheet, and must be submitted with your scores for that given tournament. You must have a current established average in your league (minimum 9 games) prior to participating in handicap events on SCN. You may use your previous season's book average, if available, before you bowl 9 games.
Q: What is my highest possible score with handicap?
A: Your highest possible score is your scratch score plus handicap. Yes, with the current rule set, you can shoot in excess of 300.
Q: How is my handicap verified?
A: All entering averages used to compute a bowler's handicap are verified through LeagueSecretary.com or bowl.com.


Q: What is a bracket?
A: Brackets start with 8 bowlers paired into four groups. After the first round, the 4 bowlers with the winning scores move on to the next round. After round two, each bowler with the higher score in their bracket pairing moves on to the final bracket level. The remaining two bowlers bowl against each other in a final round. The bowler with the highest third game receives first place money and the runner-up receives second place money.
Q: How do Action Bowling brackets work?
A: Action Bowling brackets are now stand-alone contests and can be entered indepently from other contests. Brackets cost $6, $10, or $25 to enter (depending on availability). You can enter as many brackets as are currently open. There's no limit besides availability.
Q: How much does each bracket cost?
A: $6, $10, or $25
Q: What is the payout structure?
A: For $6 brackets, first place wins $25, second place wins $15. For $10 brackets, first place wins $40, second place wins $24. For $25 brackets, first place wins $100, second place wins $60.
Q: Why are the start and end dates for my brackets different than the contest I registered for?
A: Our brackets are run weekly to keep payout times as fast as possible since some of our tournaments run longer than one week. Brackets start on Sundays at 12:01 a.m. PST and end on Saturdays at 11:59 p.m. PST. For example, if you select a contest that runs for 3 weeks and the date you select is two weeks from now, your brackets will be from that week as well.
Q: How many brackets can I enter at one time?
A: You can enter as many brackets as are currently open. There's no limit besides availability.
Q: How are brackets paired up?
A: Bracket pairings are generated from bowlers who have registered for brackets in a given week. For example, Joe is bowling in Contest A and enters 2 brackets; Morgan is bowling in Contest B and enters 2 brackets. They could end up in the same bracket even though they are bowling in different contests. Just like in real brackets, your opponents are determined by registration time. We make efforts to ensure you are not paired against the same person in the same round as much as we can, although it is possible to compete against the same bowler in more than one bracket.
Q: How can I check on the status of my brackets?
A: After you submit scores, the status of your bracket can be viewed on the Bracket Standings page, which can be accessed from My Contests. Remember, results are not final until all scores have been verified.
Q: Can I see who I'm bowling against?
A: Yes, after you submit scores you'll be able to see any bowler who has also submitted scores for that bracket.
Q: Can brackets get canceled?
A: Yes, a bracket would be canceled if it did not fill by its end date.
Q: What happens to my entry fee(s) if a bracket is canceled?
A: All entry fees will be refunded to your Action Bowling account immediately upon cancellation. You will receive an email notification should this occur.
Q: How do I submit scores for my brackets?
A: Brackets utilize the same score submission process as contests. Once you have completed bowling, select the My Brackets menu to submit. You must submit a photo of your recap sheet clearly depicting each game.
Q: How are brackets paid out?
A: Brackets are paid out when all scores for that bracket have been verified. Our hope is that brackets will be paid out faster than some of our current contests, however, there may be instances where verification takes longer since brackets are tied to larger contests.
Q: What happens if there's a tie?
A: If a tie occurs in the first or second round, both bowlers advance. If there's a tie in the final round for first place, total prize pool is split evenly. If there's a tie in the final round for second place, second place prize is split evenly.


Q: How does it work?
A: Share your referral code with a friend or league mate and you both earn $10 on their first deposit. You can find your referral code on My Account. Don't see one? Confirm your account and then you can start referring!
Q: How and when will I get paid?
A: Payments are made in the form of Action credit, deposited directly into your Action Bowling account. These deposits cannot be withdrawn as cash, but can be used to pay for entry into any of our contests.
Q: How much money can I make?
A: The amount you can earn depends entirely on the number of bowlers you send our way. There is no cap on the number of bowlers you can recruit, and therefore no limit to the amount of money you can make.
Q: How do I keep track of how much I've earned?
A: For now, feel free to email support@scnsports.com and we'll let you know how many people have deposited using your code. We plan on automating this in the near future!


Q: What is Multi Contest and How Does it Work?
A: You can use one night's league scores to enter as many contests as you want. Register for the events of your choosing (prior to bowling). If you're tracking your scores using the app, tap Enter Action Bowling from the game registration screen and select each contest for which you're using that night's scores. If you're not tracking your games, when you're done bowling, go to My Contests from the Action lobby, and tap Submit Scores for each contest and enter the information as prompted.


Multiple Accounts:
Each player on SCN Action Bowling is allowed one account. In cases of malfunction, corruption or other technical issues, SCN may allow creation of a replacement account, at our discretion and creation. Penalties for purposeful tampering with your account are at the discretion of SCN staff, but may include closure of all accounts and withholding of any cash that we determine to have been fraudulently obtained.
Suspended/Banned Accounts:
There are a variety of behaviors that are detrimental to SCN Action Bowling and other players on the Service. Engaging in those behaviors may result in a range of disciplinary actions, including suspension of some or all functions associated with your account and/or termination/banning from the site. Suspended or Banned players are expected to respect the disciplinary actions imposed on their accounts and all communication regarding restoration of your account should take place via the support@scnsports.com email account. We will protect the integrity of SCN Action Bowling to our best ability - cheating, fraud and other forms of dishonesty or tampering will not be tolerated and will see the fullest extent of action taken.
User Names:
Your username is listed at the top, right hand side of the Action Bowling tab and is made up of your first name and last initial. We do not currently offer the ability to change your username.
Unfilled Contests:
All contests that are completed on SCN Action Bowling have a predetermined prize pool. Contests will always run and pay out regardless if the contest starts as unfilled.
Withdrawing from an Event:
Users may cancel entries by tapping on the ‘Withdraw From Contest' button on the contest description bar in the “My Contests” tab. You may cancel your entry for any contest before 9 a.m. EST (6 a.m. PT) the day of the event starts. Once the event has started, the "Withdraw" button will disappear. SCN will not accommodate cancellation requests for entries after 9 a.m EST. SCN has no obligation to honor cancellation requests that are not received, or which are received after these deadlines, due to technical difficulties or other reasons.

You can withdraw your money at any time, at a minimum of $20 per withdrawal. Simply tap the Withdraw button on the My Account tab and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. All withdrawals will be paid back to the credit card with which you deposited your money to Action Bowling up to the amount deposited. Any extra funds will be paid via check. All withdrawals can take 7-10 days to process and checks can take up to 2 weeks to arrive. We also conduct anti-fraud checks on playing patterns and deposits prior to processing a withdrawal. The safety and security of your experience is of the utmost importance to us.

In cases where a user has received a bonus or other benefits as a result of their deposit and has not yet played through the deposit (entering contests whose total entry fees equal the value of the deposit), SCN reserves the right to refuse the withdrawal and/or close the user's account.

You may deposit money into your SCN Action Bowling account using your Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit cards. If you're having any problems depositing money then get in touch and we'll help with the issue to the best of our ability.
Contest Settlement and Payment:
We try to settle contests and run payments as quickly as possible, but must ensure we do so accurately. Most contests are settled shortly after the last game finishes. However, to settle we have to certify all winning scores, and this can take time. Our goal is to settle all contests within 5 business days.
Scoring Revisions:
During the contests, we process live scoring using our system to draw from our partner centers. If there is an error in scoring during any of your games, you can use the edit function in the app to correct the score. After all games associated with each contest are complete, we confirm all winning scores for all the day's games with our partner centers, then settle all entries.
Score Verification:
All SCN Action bowlers must submit a picture of their league recap sheet along with any scores submitted to Action Bowling. SCN will check all potentially winning scores submitted to action bowling contests that qualify for cash or prize payouts against league recap sheets and/or league records at the center.
Service Access and Editing Problems:
While we try to ensure that SCN Action Bowling is functioning smoothly at all times, like any online service we may periodically experience periods of outage or slow performance. These can sometimes result in an inability to access the Service, problems editing scores, or problems entering new contests. If you're unable to access the Service, please report the problems by emailing us at support@scnsports.com or contacting us directly through the “Contact Us” tab of the app. If there are sustained periods where players are unable to access Service functionality, or in certain other situations, we may provide instructions on how to cancel your entries over email prior to game time.
Contest Cancellation:
SCN also reserves that right to cancel contests at our discretion, without any restrictions. Please see our Terms of Service for further details.